Our Sales Development Services

Sales Development needs to be part of the company culture. A company that is actively engaged in the sales development lifestyle conducts sales activities all throughout the organization.


What is Sales Development?

For many of today's’ companies, sales development is viewed as the process of getting more sales and in some ways, this is obviously correct. However, sales development is so much more than that.

In all reality, if a company wants to increase sales, they can take traditional actions such as offering steep discounts, faster execution and increased customer support. However, the problem is that each and everyone of these traditional actions increases our customer acquisition cost which means a loss of profit.

Sales Development needs to be a corporate culture. That’s right, a company’s lifestyle. A company that is actively engaged in the sales development lifestyle conducts sales activities all throughout the organization. Every action they take is faced with the question, “How will this impact sales”?

Here at Maven, we provide Sales Development services that help our clients create this culture and embrace this lifestyle while developing a formal approach to sales. We help clients develop sales playbooks, an effective sales strategy and process, as well as alignment with their marketing teams to help support their efforts of sales.

If each and every piece of this well oiled sales and marketing machine is not running effectively, sales are often lost. However, if each component of a sales development infrastructure is maintained through regular strategic pivots and updates, your sales team will be rocking it. If you’re ready to rock it, be sure to contact us for a free sales assessment.

Sales Development Program

You have the need for more leads and the inside sales representatives are available but desire the structure to improve your lead generation success.

Our Sales Development Program will be fully integrated for your SDRs and/or ISRs to set them up for success. We provide the structure, you provide the people.

Outsourced Sales Development Program

Need more leads for your sales team? Our SDR team will provide outbound sales on your behalf. We will create and deliver a large number of Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) for your sales reps.



Sales Strategy Consulting

Not sure how to strategically break into markets? Need the additional strategy to close deals and increase sales?

We will teach your team strategic sales interactions to help meet your sales goals.

Sales Coaching

Need a sales speaker, trainer, or speaking presenter for your next event? 

Our Executives are available for various events covering multiple sales and marketing related topics.

Maven has the experience, sales acumen, & entrepreneurial success to provide it’s clients results!

Let's have a 15-minute chat and see what needs to be strategically adjusted to meet your goals. If you want more sales and you're not sure where to start, let us share some ideas to help!

Free Sales Assessment