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Many Marketing and Sales Professionals use the HubSpot Marketing Automation and CRM tool, however many of those professionals are not using it effectively. HubSpot has one of  the most powerful tools on the market today and can completely change how you run the sales and marketing departments of your business, ultimately improving your bottom line.

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As a HubSpot Solutions partner, we have the experience, training, and resources to help you get more out of your HubSpot installations and integrations. Whether it's on the marketing side of the portal or the CRM side, we have the experience and certifications on staff to help you get the ROI you've been looking for out of your HubSpot Subscription.

The Maven HubSpot Consulting Programs

Our team of HubSpot experts can provide you with project-based consulting services or ongoing consulting services.
The Ongoing Consulting Services are as follows:
  • Ongoing access to a HubSpot Certified Consultant for assistance with your inbound sales and marketing strategy including:
    • Goal-oriented, big-picture strategy conversations
    • Campaign planning
    • Progress check-ins to keep you on target for your top projects
    • Hands-on working sessions
    • Tool training
  • Ongoing access to a Tech Stack Engineer for your general technical questions and areas including:
    • Portal customization
    • Guidance and training on tool functionality
    • Account organization and clean-up
Maven's project-based consulting is as follows:
  • Inbound Success
    • Sometimes we all need a little extra help and attention to detail. Work with a dedicated Technical Consultant or Inbound Consultant to help achieve a specific tool or strategy based goal. This package is perfect if you are just starting out using a tool/tactic and need some guidance on using it the right way.
  • CRM Training Overview
    • Your HubSpot Certified Consultant will work alongside you to support your sales strategy and business objectives, making sure you have all the strategic resources and advice you need to effectively use the HubSpot sales tools.
  • HubSpot Account Tune Up
    • Get feedback on the work you have done thus far in HubSpot. A HubSpot Certified Consultant will audit a selection of up to 6 assets. Once completed, we will present a report of findings and recommendations to take your marketing to the next level.
  • HubSpot CRM and Sales Starter Kit
    • Looking to implement the HubSpot CRM quickly? After customizing your HubSpot CRM to match your sales process you will receive actionable advice on how to accelerate your marketing and sales process using the HubSpot tools all while shortening the time it takes for your team to become productive.
  • Inbound Marketing Campaign
    • Plan and execute a comprehensive inbound campaign with a HubSpot Certified Consultant. Your consultant will walk you through a fully functioning inbound marketing campaign so that you have the tools need to plan out your next campaign.
  • Sending Successful Emails
    • Struggling with email performance? Work with a HubSpot certified consultant to develop an understanding of how to send emails that inspire action from the recipient. Maven will review your current email performance and will make recommendations on how to improve email engagement.
  • Lead Conversion Path Optimization
    • Want to make sure that your lead conversion path is fully optimized? Work with a HubSpot certified consultant to understand the best practices associated with calls-to-action, landing pages, thank you pages and follow-up emails.
  • Content for Personas
    • Looking for ways to use personas and plan content offers more effectively? Work with our HubSpot certified consultant to ensure you’re using content effectively to inform your personas at the right time in their buying journey. 
  • HubSpot's New Pillar Content Tool
    • From an SEO point of view, the internal site architecture of a website is probably the greatest single thing that large websites can improve to provide giant leaps in organic traffic. Work with a HubSpot certified consultant to plan and implement a content strategy using pillar content to ensure your website is set up in a way to drive traffic to your site.

85% of B2B marketers feel that they’re not using their marketing automation platform to its full potential. 


Our other services

Sales Coaching

Don't focus on the leaders and the laggards! Let Maven coach your "middle of the pack" reps who have both the room for improvement and the incentive to be top performers. It's your responsibility to coach them up or send them out!

HubSpot Consulting

We provide strategy and guidance to companies that simply wish to improve their use of HubSpot and design a better inbound sales and marketing program but do not wish to integrate a full-service agency.  

Social Media Management

Want to amplify your social media presence across several social sites? Maven can provide the strategy and execution by automating the process of delivering your outgoing messages through multiple social media outlets simultaneously.

Content Management

Have all this great content but it seems as if the sales team isn't using it effectively? Let Maven conduct a content audit and then build a content map to help your sales team use the right content at the right time to close more deals.

Web Development

Is your website struggling to convert visitors into leads for the sales team? It might be time for a new website that's designed and optimized for conversions. Maven specializes in the development of high converting websites.

SEO Services

Want to boost your search rankings? Increase leads and sales for your business? Our proprietary process takes an individualized approach to each business because one size does not fit all when it comes to SEO Strategies. 


Maven Sales Group has "productized" a sales process that we offer to clients that are in need of a sales process, strategy, and structure. Although customized to match the buyers journey, the Maven Sales-In-A-Box program is a turn-key solution to growing revenues. 

Outsourced Sales

Looking to grow your revenues but don't want to hire more salespeople? Maven can provide a Virtual Sales Development Rep to conduct outbound sales activities on behalf of your company to identify more qualified prospects for your sales team.

Corporate Sales Training

You can have our Co-Founder and CEO, David Fletcher conduct a sales training seminar at your facility on one of our standard training programs or have something customized just for you. We have various sales methodology programs available.

Maven has the experience, sales acumen, & entrepreneurial success to provide it’s clients results!

Let's have a 15-minute chat and see what needs to be strategically adjusted to meet your goals. If you want more sales and you're not sure where to start, let us share some ideas to help!

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