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Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning In Sales. What’s the difference?

6/4/18 11:41 AM / by David Fletcher posted in sales coaching, AI, Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are two of the biggest buzzwords and trends within the sales sector. While these two  terms are often used interchangeably, they are in fact quite different. If sales associates want to maximize their efforts, then they  need to ensure that they understand the key differences between artificial intelligence and machine learning, especially as they  relate to big data and analytics.
What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? 
AI is the umbrella term for the variety of processes (including learning and decision making) that help make computers both  faster and smarter. In fact, AI is an essential field within Computer Science. One of its integral components is big data. In order  to continue to process and analyze information at faster speeds and larger quantities, AI systems need to have access to  incredibly large fields of data.
One of the best components of AI is that it can be used across a wide variety of industries. For example, AI can scrutinize  student study patterns to create personalized tutoring suggestions. It has also been used within robotics, speech therapy,  transportation, medical, and marketing fields. For example, inbound marketing focuses on attracting customers via content that is  engaging, relevant, and helpful. It focuses on establishing connections, growing relationships, and helping customers travel
through the sales funnel in a way that is both "human" and decidedly personal. Not only that, but inbound marketing is about  delivering the right message to the right person at the right time and on the right communications platform.   So, where does AI fit in with inbound marketing?
AI provides the right data, intelligence, and tools, such as those offered by  HubSpot , to deliver hyper-personalized content on a  large scale. Through AI sales associates and marketers can make decisions based on carefully analyzed data points In fact, it's  how Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, and Amazon are able to make the recommendations for what you should, watch, listen, or buy  next. These powerful insights are all thanks to AI
What Is Machine Learning?
Machine learning falls under AI. It is a specific process whereby knowledge is discovered, data points are gathered, and  algorithms are used. At its core the entire process follows these seven steps:
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Not All Managers Are Successful at Sales Coaching

5/9/18 7:06 AM / by David Fletcher posted in Sales Management, sales team success, sales coaching


Bob, the CEO, recently promoted sales Superstar Glenda to Sales Manager. Bob expected big things out of Glenda. After all, no  other sales person had opened the amount of business Glenda secured in the previous few years.  Unfortunately, Glenda fell short. The sales team didn't evolve well, some left, and others struggled with their sales goals.  Bob pulled at his hair, because he didn't understand why this happened.  But we do. Glenda wasn't an efficient  sales coach.
With time and effort, Glenda and those sales managers like her may be high-performing managers. It all depends on how they  themselves are nurtured and developed.  Glenda's manager (we're talking to you, Bob) needed to step in and deduce why Glenda wasn't performing up to par, and then  take action to fix it.  Here are some common issues the  Maven Sales Group  sees frequently with sales managers that aren't performing.
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How To Increase Sales by Adding More Staff

3/20/18 10:28 AM / by David Fletcher posted in sales playbook, outbound sales, get more sales, sales acceleration, sales effeciency, sales coaching


I have had a number of our tech prospects and clients talk to me about increasing their current sales. When I ask about what they have done so far in their attempt to grow the business, whether a technology services company or a SaaS company, I often hear they have hired new sales reps. Everyone knows the easiest way to increase sales is to add to your sales team! Right?


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The SaaS Call-To-Action That Will Commoditize You

3/13/18 2:30 PM / by David Fletcher posted in vlog, sales coaching, saas


As sales professionals, we spend a great deal of time attempting to create value for our prospects. One of the main reasons for creating value is the desire to avoid getting commoditized by your prospects. As a Sales and Marketing Consulting firm that has been focused on the SaaS market, we see this commoditization trap capture our prospects and clients far too often. Therefore, since we've been asked about it so much, I decided to share my thoughts via a video... ENJOY!!!

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Profits are in the Niches

2/27/18 8:35 AM / by David Fletcher posted in trusted advisor, outbound sales, buyer personas, get more leads, sales acceleration, sales coaching, How to create a target market, niche target market, how to accelerate sales, increase profits from niche markets


This past week I was fortunate to be able to participate in the National Print Owners Association annual conference. We set up our booth and shared our newest service offering, Sales In A Box.

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