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5 Ways to Improve Your Sales Playbook with Artificial Intelligence

1/17/19 8:51 AM / by David Fletcher posted in INBOUND Conference, sales playbook, sales automation, sales acceleration, sales effeciency, AI, Artificial Intelligence


Movies like I, Robot and Next Gen portray Artificial Intelligence (AI) as power-hungry robots. However, the latter portrayal couldn't be farther from the truth. In fact, AI is posed to not take over businesses, but to provide support to sales departments of all sizes, shapes, and industries. Not only will AI support sales departments, but it will offer the tools needed to transform them into innovative spaces. 

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5 Ways AI is Helping Today’s Sales Teams

5/15/18 2:52 PM / by David Fletcher posted in sales automation, sales acceleration, sales effeciency, how to accelerate sales, AI, Artificial Intelligence


Gone are the days when Artificial Intelligence (AI) brought to mind scenes from Hollywood blockbuster classics Minority Report and I, Robot. Instead, AI technologies are rapidly changing the way that marketers and sales teams reach prospects, nurture leads, and inevitably close deals. Contrary to conspiracy beliefs, AI isn't meant to replace various sales positions with machines. Instead, when used properly, AI technologies can and will help sales teams achieve their desired results via the five following benefits.  

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3 Ways Marketers Can Use Scheduling Apps To Shorten Their Team’s Sales Cycle

12/13/17 9:00 AM / by Sam Belt posted in hubspot marketing automation, sales automation, meeting scheduling app, sales acceleration, sales effeciency


Immediacy in sales is everything.

Yet, in my experience, many marketing funnels and the sales teams they support take their sweet time following up on their best opportunities.

This is a perilous decision to make as a business: according to InsideSales, “50% of buyers choose the vendor that responds first.” — so by failing to provide an immediate next step you are likely to leave serious money on the table for your competitors.

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