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How SMARKETING Can Help Your Bottom Line

8/2/17 12:15 PM / by David Fletcher posted in Marketing, Hubspot, inbound marketing, pipeline management, sales and marketing alignment, marketing automation, Alignment, hubspot crm, quotas, hubspot marketing automation, hubspot sales, smarketing, buyer personas


Sales and marketing have long been at odds with one another in organizations across the world. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, this tension and disconnect that exists between these two vital teams can actually lead to inefficiencies and lost business opportunities. That’s why smarketing is so important.


Smarketing is the process of aligning your sales and marketing teams around common organizational goals that focus on improving revenue. It is important for sales and marketing teams to work together if your company wants to achieve your overall business goals. Below, we’ll dive a little deeper into why this alignment between sales and marketing is essential to success and give an overview of some best practices that your company can adopt to promote smarketing across your organization.

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Five Actionable Ways A CRM Can Increase Your Sales by Next Quarter

5/12/17 12:00 AM / by David Fletcher posted in Sales Development, Sales Enablement, sales process, Uncategorized, Hubspot, inbound marketing, pipeline management, sales and marketing alignment, SDR, cadence, crm, inbound leads, sales follow up, hubspot crm, quotas, sales, sales issues, Sales Management, sales team success, SQL


No self-respecting sales development rep (SDR) has ever said, “I have enough business.” Even those crushing their sales goals crave more, and it would be nice if it came faster and easier than most deals do.

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