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2020 Marketing Automation Trends: Are You Ready?

12/17/19 2:39 PM / by Shannon Fletcher posted in Sales Development, Marketing, Sales Enablement, sales process, inbound marketing, sales and marketing alignment, social media management, social selling, marketing automation, Sales Management, sales playbook, SMM, social media, hubspot marketing automation, inbound sales, social media marketing, sales automation, blog, Maven Sales Group, Maven Sales Group blog, social media influencer


2019 is coming to a close, and with it the dawning of new marketing automation trends. Throughout 2019, the marketing automation sector experienced an 8.55 percent growth that shows no signs of slowing down. Market capitalization is set to reach an impressive $6.4 billion

by 2024, which is why 2020 will be focused on creating unique and engaging experiences that help organizations more successfully retain their users, attract new prospects, and effectively grow. The

always-online consumer demands marketing automation, and in 2020 the following trends are ready to begin as soon as the bell rings in the new year.

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How SMARKETING Can Help Your Bottom Line

8/2/17 12:15 PM / by David Fletcher posted in Marketing, Hubspot, inbound marketing, pipeline management, sales and marketing alignment, marketing automation, Alignment, hubspot crm, quotas, hubspot marketing automation, hubspot sales, smarketing, buyer personas


Sales and marketing have long been at odds with one another in organizations across the world. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, this tension and disconnect that exists between these two vital teams can actually lead to inefficiencies and lost business opportunities. That’s why smarketing is so important.


Smarketing is the process of aligning your sales and marketing teams around common organizational goals that focus on improving revenue. It is important for sales and marketing teams to work together if your company wants to achieve your overall business goals. Below, we’ll dive a little deeper into why this alignment between sales and marketing is essential to success and give an overview of some best practices that your company can adopt to promote smarketing across your organization.

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3 Ways to Tell if Your Business is Ready for Marketing Automation

3/11/17 2:15 AM / by David Fletcher posted in Marketing, Hubspot, inbound marketing, sales and marketing alignment, lead generation, marketing automation


Consider for a moment that companies who contact leads within the first hour are 7 times as likely to qualify the lead than those who wait just one more hour before initial contact. Shoppers today are accustomed to businesses that respond to their requests promptly and marketing automation can be a fantastic tool for businesses interested in streamlining their marketing efforts and efficiently answering queries.

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