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5 Ways Inbound Sales Differs from Outbound Sales

7/30/17 1:33 PM / by David Fletcher posted in Sales Development, Sales Enablement, sales process, Hubspot, Sales Process Design, SDR, Lead definition, hubspot sales, inbound sales, outbound sales


When the average person thinks about the sales process, they picture a hard-core sales person cramming their product or service down an unwilling buyer's throat. If you are in the selling business, you know that in most scenarios, that's not the case.

While there are sales people and cold-calling and other components present in today's selling process, there are other, more strategic ways of accessing buyers and landing new, profitable business. We are talking about inbound sales as opposed to outbound sales. Both have merit and can produce results, but they are completely different animals.

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Top 5 Reasons Sales Development Teams Fail

8/15/16 12:00 AM / by David Fletcher posted in Sales Development, SDR, Lead definition, Alignment, sales issues, Sales Management, sales team success, SQL, sales playbook, EOS, Gino WIckman, sales assessment


Every company, or at least every company that we talk to here at Maven, is looking for ways to generate more leads. Not just more leads, but more qualified leads. Sourcing qualified leads is what a sales development team is all about. It’s what gets them excited to come in to work every day – cranking out phone calls to follow up with potential prospects and qualify them for the sales team.

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