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The SaaS Call-To-Action That Will Commoditize You

3/13/18 2:30 PM / by David Fletcher

As sales professionals, we spend a great deal of time attempting to create value for our prospects. One of the main reasons for creating value is the desire to avoid getting commoditized by your prospects. As a Sales and Marketing Consulting firm that has been focused on the SaaS market, we see this commoditization trap capture our prospects and clients far too often. Therefore, since we've been asked about it so much, I decided to share my thoughts via a video... ENJOY!!!


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David Fletcher

Written by David Fletcher

David Fletcher is the Co-Founder and Chairman of the Maven Sales Group, a HubSpot Sales Partner and sales enablement firm located in the Washington, DC area. David is also the Sr. Global VP of Sales for ClearSale, Maven's largest client, which is a fraud management and protection services company. David is a graduate of The George Washington University, graduating with dual majors in Business Management and Criminal Justice. After graduation, David stayed in the DC area as a sales professional before starting his own systems integration firm. Once his firm was acquired, David moved on to become the President of a marketing agency providing HubSpot Consulting and inbound sales strategies to B2B clients. David has a unique perspective on sales and marketing in which David doesn’t approach issues as a “sales problem” or a “marketing problem”, but as a “revenue problem”. As a seasoned sales and marketing professional, David has worked with the HubSpot product development teams in an effort to create a better user experience for HubSpot customers. David enjoys reading, golfing, fishing and the outdoors. He lives in Lake Shore, MD with his business partner & wife Shannon, and their 5 sons.

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