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Is Your Sales Playbook Truly a Modern Playbook?

12/17/16 12:00 AM / by David Fletcher

Maven sales playbookHere's a quick test for you to do to determine if your sales playbook is truly modern in todays sales and marketing ecosystem.

To sum it up, you have a truly modern playbook if all of the below statements when applied to you and your playbook are considered to be TRUE...

  1. My playbook is responsive and easily redistributive on mobile devices.
  2. My Sales Reps don’t have to download any of my playbook content.
  3. My Sales Reps can’t leave the company with some or all of my playbook.
  4. I get data that tells me how long reps are spending on various pages of my playbook.

If all of these statements are true, you are well on your way to building a successful, scalable, and sustainable sales team utilizing your playbook. However, if you answered NO or Not True to one or more of the above statements, then you should talk with us about using your current sales stack to build out a better sales playbook.

If you do not have the appropriate sales stack in place, no worries, we can provide the direction you need to identify the best apps and platforms that will increase efficiencies and effectiveness.

Take the time to answer all 4 statements honestly and then ask yourself, do I need help developing a better sales playbook for my business? Chances are… you probably need some help!

As mobile screens increasingly become our primary screens, a truly modern sales playbook goes a long way to ensuring that reps have the edge they need to succeed. Creating reflowable content that is searchable, interactive, and always up-to-date better equips your reps with the knowledge they need to sound credible and close deals faster. When you know what content is really resonating with your reps, you can easily hone in on relevant information and discard what isn’t being used.

Finally, a modern playbook ensures that your company can protect its intellectual property should reps leave. And when your playbook is intuitive and easy to use, your reps will be able to invest more time where it’s needed most: closing deals.

Every business needs a sales playbook


Want to talk about a better sales playbook for your business?

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David Fletcher

Written by David Fletcher

David is the Founder and CEO of Maven Sales Group. Maven Sales Group is a lead generation consulting firm and HubSpot Sales Solutions Partner. David provides lead generation strategy for clients by day and is an avid reader at night. David lives in Lake Shore, MD with his wife and 5 sons.

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