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11 Reasons Why Every Sales Team Needs the NEW HubSpot Sales Pro

9/26/17 4:00 PM / by David Fletcher

11 reasons why every sales team needs the NEW HubSpot Sales Pro

I am fortunate enough to be here in Boston with my Maven team attending the  #INBOUND17 conference this week where they just made some major announcements regarding the upgrade of their sales tools. Actually, not only am I able to attend the conference, which I also feel is one of the best conferences offered throughout the year, I am also speaking tomorrow afternoonin regards to some of the new features in the HubSpot Sales Pro tool. After hearing today’s announcements and seeing the excitement in the air I felt as if I needed to share the information as fast as possible to my clients, prospects, and readers of this blog.



First of all, the HubSpot Sales tool creates efficiency and provides structure to sales teams that are in need of it.  I am a huge fan of the tool as I have seen it work not only for us internally but for our clients as well. Now some of you might be thinking as I announce these changes to the tool that it’s going to cost you more. I am happy to report it’s not going to cost you more unless you want some of the new additional features.

So let’s talk about be current Sales Pro tool that you might currently being using. It’s changing… for the better. There are a few minor feature changes that might be viewed as being more restrictive but in return you are getting so much more!

The HubSpot Sales Pro that you have been using is now called SALES STARTER.

HubSpot Sales Starter is for small, growing teams that have a smaller budget and may not be ready for the larger more powerful newly redesigned Sales Professional. Let’s talk about what you get in the Sales Starter package.

Sales Starter includes the following:

  • Core CRM - access to the core CRM features
  • Send Later - ability to schedule 1:1 emails to go out at a specified time
  • Teams - the ability to create 1 team
  • Multiple Deal Pipelines - the ability to create 2 deal pipelines
  • Templates - Unlimited templates
  • Sequences - Unlimited sequences
  • Documents - Unlimited documents
  • Meetings - Unlimited meetings links
  • Live Chat - Access to messages (live chat)
  • Calling - 500 minutes/month
  • Notifications - Unlimited notifications

Something that I want to point out here is although the package might restrict a few features compared to what it used to be, it’s not anything that will keep you from using the tool the way you were before. Honestly, it’s priced the same as the old Sales Pro version but it has a new name, HubSpot Sales Starter.

Now let’s talk about what makes the new HubSpot Sales Pro different than what it used to be. Of course, the price is different… and yes, it went up. However, the tool has increased it’s power to a sales team 10-fold but the price has increased 10X so there’s some real value here. Enough on price for now, we’ll cover that later.

Who is it for? Glad you asked! The new HubSpot Sales Professional is for professional sales teams who are ready to scale up their operations and transform their simple sales process into a revenue generating sales engine. I know, right?!? Who doesn’t want that?

Let’s talk about what makes the NEW HubSpot Sales Professional different than the Sales Pro as we knew it yesterday. Here’s why your team needs HubSpot Sales Professional to meet your sales are the 11 reasons why every sales team needs the NEW HubSpot Sales Pro:

1. Workflows

Your sales pipeline will always be accurate and up-to-date when you use workflows for deal and task automation. It’s important to note that Sales Professional users don’t get access to bulk email and can’t use workflows for lead nurturing or drip campaigns.

2. Reporting

HubSpot Sales Professional users get access to unlimited custom reports and one dashboard to view and manage their reporting.

3. Predictive Lead Scoring

HubSpot Sales Professional users get access to predictive lead scoring. It’s important to note that this predictive lead scoring is slightly different from the PLS on the marketing side. That’s because we’ve rebuilt it with a proprietary algorithm that is more reliable for small businesses with less data.

4. Smart Notifications

Smart notifications help you prioritize your outreach by surfacing the hottest engaged leads (rather than just the most recent activities).

5. Products

Products is a new object in HubSpot CRM that will be available to all HubSpot Sales Pro users. Products allows reps to associate a deal with what they are actually selling so that teams and managers can report on product-specific data.


Every business needs a sales playbook


6. Calling

HubSpot Sales Professional users will get access to 2000/mins/month. Effective 11/1/17, HubSpot Sales Starter users will get access to 500 mins/month.

7. Required Fields

Effective 11/1/17, required fields in the CRM will only be available to Sales Professional users.

8. Multiple Deal Pipelines

Effective 11/1/17, multiple deal pipelines will only be available to Sales Professional users.

9. Teams

Effective 11/1/17, Teams will only be available to HubSpot Sales Professional users.

10. Advanced Views

Effective 11/1/17, advanced views/permissions will only be available to HubSpot Sales Professional users.

11. SFDC Connector

HubSpot Sales Professional users will have access to the SFDC Connector so they can integrate the Sales Hub with their Salesforce


Now that you see all the cool new features of HubSpot’s NEW Sales Professional you have to be thinking, “What’s this going to cost?” Let me answer that for you by sharing what HubSpot announced today in their roll out plan.

Pricing and Roll Out

The all-new HubSpot Sales Professional will be available for $400 for teams of up to 5 users beginning November 1st. However, HubSpot is allowing people to buy it at a discounted rate until then. How so you might be asking yourself?

Here’s how! From September 26th up until November first, new customers will be able to purchase Sales Professional at current price of $50/user/month, and they will get access to all of the new features and functionality on 11/1. If you are an existing Sales Pro user, these new features will begin rolling out between today and 11/1/2017.

HubSpot-Sales-Free-SoftwareEffective 11/1/17, the price for HubSpot Sales Professional will increase to $400 per month (with 5 seats included). Also effective 11/1/17, users will have the option to purchase HubSpot Sales Starter at $50 per user per month.

Just to be clear, all HubSpot users who purchase Sales Professional ahead of 11/1/17 will lock in at $50/user/month. This means you will continue to get access to advanced features and functionality as it becomes available. What else does this mean for you? It means you need to purchase HubSpot Sales Professional before November so you can be grandfathered into the program and get these new features that the new customers will be getting by paying $400/month for 5-users, while you pay just $50/user/month. What a great opportunity to save money!

If you have been on the fence, not sure if you want to try HubSpot Sales Pro or not, now is the time. Make a decision before November 1st and you will put yourself in position to be “grandfathered in” at the $50/user/month rate but you will be getting all of the new features. If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you know we are huge fans of HubSpot and work with our clients to use the additional tools like Sales Pro. If you have questions about it or not clear on how it can impact your sales process and sales numbers, be sure to reach out to us.

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David Fletcher

Written by David Fletcher

David Fletcher is the Co-Founder and Chairman of the Maven Sales Group, a HubSpot Sales Partner and sales enablement firm located in the Washington, DC area. David is also the Sr. Global VP of Sales for ClearSale, Maven's largest client, which is a fraud management and protection services company. David is a graduate of The George Washington University, graduating with dual majors in Business Management and Criminal Justice. After graduation, David stayed in the DC area as a sales professional before starting his own systems integration firm. Once his firm was acquired, David moved on to become the President of a marketing agency providing HubSpot Consulting and inbound sales strategies to B2B clients. David has a unique perspective on sales and marketing in which David doesn’t approach issues as a “sales problem” or a “marketing problem”, but as a “revenue problem”. As a seasoned sales and marketing professional, David has worked with the HubSpot product development teams in an effort to create a better user experience for HubSpot customers. David enjoys reading, golfing, fishing and the outdoors. He lives in Lake Shore, MD with his business partner & wife Shannon, and their 5 sons.

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