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As a Hubspot Sales Solutions Partner, we teach our clients a sales methodology that transforms the way they sell and it matches the way buyers want to buy. 

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David has an unique perspective as a seasoned sales leader who also really gets inbound and online marketing -- a rare combination.  In his mind, there is no such thing as a "sales problem" or a "marketing problem", because he solves "revenue problems".  This holistic approach lets him create real value for his clients and is a pro at implementing HubSpot's full growth platform.

Sam Belt

Senior Sales Partner Manager ~ HubSpot

Why does your B2B Sales team need Sales Enablement?

Sales Enablement is about providing sales teams with the information and tools they need to attract, engage and communicate with prospects, ultimately driving a sales opportunity to close.
Fauad Shariff CoLoadX CEO

The team at Maven are true sales experts.  Their in-depth understanding of inbound marketing, coupled with their expertise in B2B sales makes them a great agency to work with for businesses of all sizes, and across all verticals.  Whether you're an experienced sales professional, a business looking to expand your sales activity, or a new business looking to establish a sales process, Maven's consulting and support services will deliver value and results for your business.

Fauad Shariff

Co-Founder and CEO ~ CoLoadX Corporation

Does Your SaaS Sales Team Have a Playbook?

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Manufacturer Doubles Ecommerce Sales Due to Maven Sales Group

The Challenges

Fowl Foolers, a waterfowl decoy manufacturer located in Port Clinton, Ohio was stuck. They were stuck against their sales ceiling and no matter what sales and marketing tactics they tried, it had little to no impact on top line ecommerce sales. The manufacturer was stuck at $3.2MM in sales and couldn’t find their way to the next level. They lacked the strategic sales resources to solve this problem on their own.

Fowl Foolers

The Solution

They looked outside of their organization for help solving their sales problem. Maven Sales Group was brought in to provide the necessary sales solutions to help drive their primary revenue stream, on-line sales. One of the first things that was addressed was the lack of a consistent sales process and sales technology. There was also a lack of a functional CRM that would provide organizational advantages and create consistent lead management. Additionally, it turned out that low margins were causing even more sales problems. Fowl Foolers was in need of a sales playbook that identified a consistent sales process to include documentation into a CRM, as well lead management, lead scoring, follow up strategies, and a website with lead generation capabilities. It was clear that this would help to close more deals in a more consistent manner.

"Within one year of working with Maven Sales Group, our on-line sales more than doubled."

Scot Smith, CEO

The Result

The first thing Maven Sales Group did for Fowl Foolers was to conduct an exhaustive sales and marketing analysis. Every sales tool, tactic, sale, marketing message, technology and strategy was reviewed, scrutinized and analyzed. As a result, Maven was able to identify inconsistent and weak strategies that contributed to the rising client acquisition costs with no real impact on sales. After completing the thorough analysis and assessment, Maven began to present its solution. Maven Sales Group developed a full sales playbook, created a HubSpot CRM, designed and developed follow up workflows, created a lead management process and brought a consistent marketing message to the sales team. WIthin one year of working with Maven Sales Group, ecommerce sales more than doubled. Sales continued to rise as additional lead generation strategies were put into place such as Maven’s virtual SDR solution.